How to view email headers

Why do I need to see the full email headers ?

Being able to see the full email headers (or the internet headers as some people call them) can be very helpful in troubleshooting common delivery issues, finding the reasons behind a bounced message or even identifying spam emails from real ones. The information displayed by default by the email header is the sender and recipient email addresses and the time stamp showing when the email was received, but this is not all that a header contains. Most email clients don’t reveal the full headers, so things like the return path of the email or the SPF record are hidden. Knowing how to manually find these details can help our support team in identifying and solving your email problem quicker.

You’ll be able to see step by step instructions on how to check the full headers for the most common used mail clients below:

Apple Mail
Gmail/Google Apps


  1. Go to your inbox and select the email you wish to check

    outlook inbox

    Outlook Inbox

  2. Double click to open it on a separate window
  3. Click on the small expand button next to Tags, which will make the “Message options” section available

    outlook message options

    Message Options

  4. A new pop up window will open, which will contain the full headers of the email you just received.

    headers outlook

    Internet Headers

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select an email to see the message content
  3. Click on the “…” icon next to Categories to see the More Commands Section more details edited inbox

  4. From the drop-down menu select “View message source” source edited

    More options

  5. A new tab containing the mail headers will open in your browser headers_1

    Outlook Headers

Apple Mail

  1. Open your inbox and click on the email

    inbox mac

    Mac Inbox

  2. Click on View > Message > All Headers

    view headers mac

    Mac View

  3. The full headers of the email will be displayed in the right side of the screen

    header details mac

    Mac Headers


  1. Open the Horde webmail and select the email you wish to check.

    horde message

    Horde Inbox

  2. Click on the “+” icon (Other Options) > View Source

    horde source

    Other Options

  3. A new window containing the full headers of this email message will open
headers horde

Horde Headers


  1. Login to your Roundcube webmail
  2. Select the email you wish to check the full headers for

    mail Roundcube

    Roundcube inbox

  3. Click the small arrow in the screenshot below to see full headers

    expand Roundcube

    Toggle to expanded view

  4. The ‘sender’ area will be expanded to include the required details

    headers Roundcube

    Roundcube headers


  1. Login to your Yahoo! account
  2. Click on an email to open it

    inbox Yahoo

    Yahoo! inbox

  3. Go to “More” and select “View Full Header”

    details Yahoo

    More options

  4. The Full Header of the email will be opened in a new pop-up box

    headers Yahoo

    Yahoo! headers

Gmail/Google Apps

  1. Sign in to your Gmail / Google Apps account
  2. Open the email you wish to check

    inbox gmail

    Gmail inbox

  3. From the “More” icon (next to Reply) select the “Show original” option

    show original gmail


  4. A new tab / window with the original message, including full headers will be opened

    headers gmail

    Gmail Headers


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