Hide or display WHOIS details for a .uk domain

Nominet allows private non-trading individuals with the ability to hide their address details from the public WHOIS record for their domain name.

Who can opt-out?

Only domain name holders that are non-trading individuals can opt out of having their address details published on the WHOIS. In other words, if you do not use or plan to use your domain name for business, trade (this includes the registration of domain names for monetisation purposes, e.g. pay per click advertising, etc) or professional transactions, you will be entitled to opt out of having your address displayed.

It is not possible to hide the registrant name, only the address details.

How much does it cost?

Hiding WHOIS details is free for all .uk domain names.

Hiding WHOIS details for an existing .uk domain

You can edit the WHOIS privacy setting for .uk domains via Online Services at Nominet’s website. It is no longer possible to do this via the registrar or the customer control panel.

Hiding WHOIS details for a new .uk domain

This topic is covered in our domain registration guide.

Further details

Additional information is published on Nominet’s website regarding the opt-out process, including the full terms and conditions of .uk domain registration.


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